Iphone door lock

Safety locks: your iPhone is the programmer

Compatibility for both iOS and Android

Safety in the home and office are fundamental, but many do not know that implementing a security plan with the electronic locks could create privacy issues.



Electronic keys open future of security with your smartphone

The new Winkhaus Blue compact system provides security against break-ins and attacks against computer hackers, thanks to the programming function with an app for Iphone and encrypted Bluetooth connection for the single programming keys.

With your iPhone or iPad you can create your closing chirping, access authorization and exclude a key if you lose it.

The opening of the lock does not occur as the other products by a direct signal to the cylinder but by inserting the keys directly in the cylinder as in the traditional method.

The real strength and maximum safety are derived from the programming mode:

the smartphone acts as a programmer, a master key is activated which communicates by Bluetooth with the programmer and collects all system data, the coding of the user keys instead occurs through the contact of the master key with blank keys, managing the encoding process by your smartphone or tablet, and is therefore the access of the users can also check.



The system is safe and there are no data backups to cloud servers, integrable on armour doors with dedicated defender external protection.

Winkhaus Blue Compact is the new frontiers of European cylinder locks electronic type that thinks to protect than many competitive products your privacy, absolutely.

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