Locksmith to change locks

7 Steps To Finding The Right Locksmith to change locks

A locksmith to change locks is an expert who can help you open doors and locks replacement. Find out what to look for when choosing one!

Locksmiths are experts in opening closed doors and changing locks. They can also install new security locks. Before entrusting the task to a random one, look at these 7 characteristics plus one as fundamental.

See how focused he is on his job, so that he’s not a generalist or handyman, it’s a security locksmith

Read his website and ask him questions for clarification.
When the website contains original results (photos of jobs included) it is a good indicator that he is the owner of that influential niche.
Do you specialize in home work?
What kind of tools do you use?
How do you want to be paid and how long does it take?
You should also read customer reviews to understand if there are any complaints against the company.

Look At Reviews Online, Beware of popolar views and beliefs

If you are looking for a locksmith, start by checking the reviews online.
This will give you a good idea of ​​how satisfied customers were with the service they received.
Also, only ask friends and family for advice if they have achieved optimal results.
They may have had a bad experience with a general locksmith or DIY store, but not because they only sell locks, because they don’t have the background on installations, so they would be able to tell you if you should trust them or not. of them.
Beware of popular beliefs, for many people in this industry nothing can be done to protect their home from thieves with locks and push you to opt for other alternatives. Tax bonuses are not always advantageous, pay attention to people’s opinions and the methods of credit transfer.

Home security is an evening thing not a game

Services Areas of security locksmith

A skilled locksmith who has excellent reviews, if he offers to lead the way and works on the road, or if he is willing to sell his products by mail order, are valuable indicators to understand that he is truly an expert at what he does.

His journey to come to you does not have to turn into the worry of a higher exit cost but it is the sure proof that he is sure to solve your problem, having to take responsibility for the journey.

I can confirm with great certainty that my company was the first to use the request for information and quotes by sending photos of the locks with the main instant chat apps.

We locksmiths when we hear on the phone that the potential customer has negative beliefs about the distance of the intervention, and we only talk about inter-regional jobs, we tend not to take the job if the job requires specific modification operations and advance payments of materials with suppliers.

If the reassurance on the phone is not enough these people will rely on the first generalist close to home, this can open up problems on the final results.

Before looking for a locksmith near me, think about how important the word neighbor can be.

Geographically close or close to you because it has figured out how to solve your real security problem.

Service coverage area: A large coverage area indicates that a business is expanding, good indicator.

Patents obtained and Results obtained

The way to obtain a patent is to carry out a written and illustrated thesis that is submitted to examiners of the ministry of economic development of your country.

To file a patent application, it is first necessary to submit a provisional application which may be subject to revision, therefore with prior verification.

This means that the industrial invention patent is a certificate that protects intellectual and industrial property and confers prestige.

There are few blacksmiths who have filed their own patent, Michele Bortolotti has already filed one and refers to an anti-burglary kit for overhead doors. This is a valid reason to listen to what I have to tell you.

Read well his educational process and the photos he publishes, ask yourself who is the real intellectual owner of the content (there are many scripts out there)

The results obtained, especially in terms of portfolio or photo gallery of the works carried out, are an excellent indicator of quality on the work of the blacksmith, but pay attention to the market entropy and to those who copy the contents of high.

Care must be taken when typing the keyword on the internet and entering image search mode on Google, it is possible to find dishonest marketing professionals and agencies that copy the stock photos of colleagues in the sector.

This is what has happened to me since 2009; however I am pleased because those who copy textual content and photos of work done do nothing but help me in the expansion of my brand, in a certain sense the algorithm on the internet guides, through artificial intelligence, the customer towards the real owner of that conentuto.

I am happy to have partners who help me to widen the cake of the category that I created online, that is the conversion of the lock for an armored door with a European cylinder.

The last two points are also described in another valuable article that you find here.

They are the telephone contacts for customer service and assistance 24/7

The warranty is the legal one or has an extended warranty for the services that the locksmith offers.

Good choice of your trusted security locksmith.

My services locksmith area

Here are the cities where our foreign customers have called us to assign us the task to change their locks on their Italian home: Venice or Venezia, Jesolo, Caorle, Bibione, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Padova or Padua, Treviso, Vicenza, Verona, Garda lake, Bologna, Brescia, Bergamo, Milano, Belluno, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Trento, Bolzano, Merano.

New locksmith services area: We are happy to secure your home in other Italian locations as well.

You can send photos of your keys and locks to change with the Whatsapp or Telegram apps and request an offer, we will give you your current real anti-burglary score.

Send photos of your lock on Whatsapp or Telegram
at numbers +39.344.1597391 or +39.348.8151975
or for emali to (blindaxitalia@gmail.com)
that we compare with our database,
collected in 30 years of activity,
to find out your real burglary security score.

My armor locks gallery

Here is a series of photographs from my personal portfolio of works that you can find on the websites of other companies in the sector, which I thank here for helping clients in reaching the true owner of those contents.